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Golani T2 finish Whisky Live Tel Aviv

Golani T2 finish Whisky Live Tel Aviv

200.00 NIS
Single grain mash (malted barley & wheat) distilled in November 2016, went into cask 12, a new charred French oak cask, was then transferred to cask 8, a French oak port style second fill cask (it started as a Yarden T2 port style cask, we then used it to mature a single malt which was bottled in October 2018) for a finish and was finally bottled in May 2019, we never ad colour so colour is from oak casks alone, we also bottled this at 46% and did not chill filter it.
Non peated, lots of dried fruits, almonds, on the sweeter side, long finish.
This is a great bottle to open and share with friends or to keep as a part of Israeli whisky history.
only 250 bottles.