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Golani Distillery

Holy Spirit Absinthe

Holy Spirit Absinthe

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Sugar cane based and made with 8 botanicals, 5 for distillation, Anise, Florence Fennel, Calamus root, Artemisia Absintium and Local foraged artemisia atborescens and 3 for color, Artemisia Pontica, Hyssop and Lemonbalm. This Absinthe is based on a 1855 french Absinthe recipe, which would be very close to the Absinthe served by my great great gradmother in her Estaminet in the North of France. Natural color from plants alone and unfiltered. Drink in traditional fasion by pouring 1 to 5 parts ice water (sugar cube optional) until it clouds/Louche.

68% 750ML

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