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Katzrin Distillery

Pomagranite Gin

Pomagranite Gin

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- Kosher For Passsover -

Special edition Queens Of Israel Pomegranate Gin! based on our Holy Land Gin, coloured and flavored with natural pomegranate, very gently sweetened, and bottled at 37.5%, our Pomegranate Gin is for a gentler Gin experience or an introduction to Gin flavours, great on its own or on ice.

In honor of the women of Israel who fight every day on the front and in the hinterland, each in her own wonderful way.
Thank you for your dedication, your bravery, your greatness of spirit,
You are true lionesses, brave and determined women.
You are the queens of the kingdom of Israel, full of warmth and love.
Thanks to you! The people of Israel are strong and united with hope for better days.
May you always be strong, healthy and happy!

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